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Create any type of thematic route or event bundle

in a simple and efficient manner with CIRCUIT

Our "virtual token" approach will supply you with all the flexibility required

to create and deliver truly unforgettable experiences



Infinite Possibilities

Flexibility and creativity


Using our "Virtual token" approach to building experiential packages, CIRCUIT allows you to :

  • Create thematic bundles

  • Mix and match any type of event/attraction depending on your needs

  • Assign tokens with specific monetary value for easy settlement

  • Define business rules on each token to easily manage usage conditions

Ease of use

Simple and intuitive


  • Entirely web-based, CIRCUIT is easy to operate and does not require any complex or intrusive set-up

  • Fluid and intuitive purchase flow providing an optimal conversion rate

  • White label platform allowing you to customize the look and feel of the purchase flow

  • Built-in upsell and cross-sell features

  • Our point of sale and all management menus perform very well on all popular browsers

  • Low or no cost equipment: the tokens can be validated using your own smart phone 

Business Intelligence

Visibility and control

Measure the impact of your sales and marketing efforts and get real-time insight. Our customizable reporting and dashboard suite allows you to:

  • Get precise sales performance data by date, time, channel and client origin

  • Monitor client behaviour and product redemption in real-time

  • Keep track of your web traffic and active baskets

  • Easily monitor and report all incoming revenues by sales channel

Turnkey solution

Sales and operations management


You want to offer packages, bundles or thematic routes but do not have the necessary workforce or experience to ensure sales and operations in order to operate such a program?

Our team of experienced collaborators can be put at your disposal to ensure program management, sales optimisation and product distribution



You want to know if CIRCUIT can meet all of your needs and challenges?

 Contact us!


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